API Endpoint Per zone
Protocol HTTPS
Port 443
Authentication True

Storing objects in SOS

SOS is compatible with most of the Amazon S3 API. You can find more informations about how to use SOS in our documentation.


  • ch-gva-2: https://sos-ch-gva-2.exo.io
  • ch-dk-2: https://sos-ch-dk-2.exo.io
  • de-fra-1: https://sos-de-fra-1.exo.io
  • de-muc-1: https://sos-de-muc-1.exo.io
  • at-vie-1: https://sos-at-vie-1.exo.io
  • bg-sof-1: https://sos-bg-sof-1.exo.io


Content length for POST operation is limited to 16MB maximum.

S3 incompatibilities

Altough we strive to mantain full compatibility with the S3 API, we do not support all S3 features. A complete list of unsupported features can be found here: List of unsupported S3 features.

Retrieving usage per bucket

You can retrieve a snapshot of total objects size per bucket using the listBucketsUsage Compute API call. Reported usage is updated on a daily basis.