Getting Started

  • What is Exoscale

    Exoscale is a European cloud provider focusing on simplicity and security. Our goal is to provide simple, scalable, and affordable cloud infrastructure services.

  • Organizations and Team Work

    Exoscale allows you to create Organizations, team workspaces where different users can operate on a same account and that will have a separate billing.

  • Billing of Exoscale Services

    Exoscale services are usually pre-paid. Post-paid billing is available upon request to our support and after case by case review.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication lets you protect your Exoscale account in a strong way. This method combines the security of something you know and something you have.

  • Mentor program

    Become an Exoscale Mentor, make a great gift to your partners, and get free credit for yourself!