Exoscale / Platform


Exoscale Compute lets you create an instance in less than 35 seconds. Learn how to keep your instance safe and plan your own application architecture.

Object Storage

Store, distribute and manage large quantities of assets with our S3-compatible Simple Object Storage. Combine Simple Object Storage with Compute to power up your SaaS applications.

Block Storage

Block Storage volumes for Exoscale is your infrastructure companion for fast data access and retrieval. Benefit from high performance for your latency sensitive applications, meet growing storage demands, and store containerized applications with ease.


Scale application workloads in Kubernetes. Scalable Kubernetes Service is a managed control plane with dynamic interaction with the rest of the Exoscale platform.


DBaaS is a set of open-source managed data infrastructure services from relational, distributed to message queuing engines with automation and scalability at its core.


Manage your zones and records with DNS. Make your own domain point to your instance IP so your clients can easily reach your application.


Manage API keys with granular access, allowing only specific commands on specific services to maintain isolation and optimal security.


Enhance the user experience and accelerate the delivery of your assets. Cache assets in multiple locations and use the geographically closest server to fulfill requests from each particular user.

Command-line tools

Manage your Exoscale infrastructure from the command-line and other tools.

Getting Started