Once you’ve joined an organization, you have the possibility to move an instance from your account to this organization.


Several requirements need to be met:

  • your organization should not be suspended
  • it should have enough credit to run the instance
  • you should have the role Owner or Tech
  • the instance should be stopped

Note that your instance will be assigned a new IP address.

Moving an Instance

From the COMPUTE menu, choose the INSTANCES sub-menu and click on your instance. Make sure your instance is in status Stopped. Stop it otherwise. Click on the MOVE button on the top right corner of the page. Choose the destination Organization. You need to choose the security group(s) for the instance. Security Groups are defined per organization, you cannot move the security groups from your account to the organization. You can choose to start the instance once it has been moved to the organization.

To proceed with the move, click on MOVE.