Snapshots provide a way to get point-in-time recovery for your instance. In a typical usage example you would snapshot your instance before applying patches. Once the patches are installed, if your tests are not satisfying or an incompatibility is introduced, you can revert to the snapshot and restore the previous working state.

Snapshots are strongly tied to your instance: if you delete your VM, they will be deleted too.

Snapshots are located in the instance detail screen

Create a new Snapshot

From the instance detail screen, click on Create Snapshot to create a new snapshot. A successfully created snapshot has a green check-mark on his left.

Wait for a snapshot to be ready before operating on it

Revert to a Snapshot

To revert a snapshot your machine has to be stopped. From the snapshots list, in the instance detail, click on the revert button on the line of the snapshot you wish to revert.

Delete a Snapshot

In the instance details view, select the snapshot you want to delete and click on Delete Snapshot to delete it.


  • Snapshots are limited to 30 per account. Please contact support should you need more.
  • Only one action is permitted at a time. For example, when a snapshot is being destroyed, you cannot create a new snapshot.
  • Snapshots cannot be named at the moment, they are identified by a UUID.
  • When you delete an instance, its snapshots are deleted too.