Exoscale uses zones to geographically distinguish locations. An Exoscale zone is:

  • identified by a country code: CH, DE,…
  • hosted in a physical datacenter facility
  • each facility can be comprised of several rooms or buildings

Building around the zone concept

At Exoscale, zones are independant from one another. This means a failure in a specific zone and service has no impact on the other zones.

Most items are attached to a single zone only: a compute instance, an object storage bucket, private network, NLB, EIP,… Only a few items span globally: API key and security group

Zone types

Exoscale has 2 zone types:

  • General purpose
  • Restricted

General purpose zones

The list of datacenter zones can be obtained from our website or via the exo command-line like below

exo zone
│                  ID                  │   NAME   │
│ 4da1b188-dcd6-4ff5-b7fd-bde984055548 │ at-vie-1 │
│ 97e5df2d-0da5-4914-a9a2-97af3fc7180d │ at-vie-2 │
│ 70e5f8b1-0b2c-4457-a5e0-88bcf1f3db68 │ bg-sof-1 │
│ 91e5e9e4-c9ed-4b76-bee4-427004b3baf9 │ ch-dk-2  │
│ 1128bd56-b4d9-4ac6-a7b9-c715b187ce11 │ ch-gva-2 │
│ 35eb7739-d19e-45f7-a581-4687c54d6d02 │ de-fra-1 │
│ 85664334-0fd5-47bd-94a1-b4f40b1d2eb7 │ de-muc-1 │

Currently seven data centers are fully available for new workloads.

The table lists all data centers including region and slug for use in API and CLI.

Data Center Region Slug
DE-FRA-1 Frankfurt, Germany de-fra-1
DE-MUC-1 Munich, Germany de-muc-1
AT-VIE-1 Vienna, Austria at-vie-1
AT-VIE-2 Vienna, Austria at-vie-2
CH-GVA-2 Geneva, Switzerland ch-gva-2
CH-DK-2 Zurich, Switzerland ch-dk-2
BG-SOF-1 Sofia, Bulgaria bg-sof-1

Restricted zones

A restricted zone is a zone which is not available by default to all Exoscale organizations. This limitation arises from a number of possible reasons: not yet in production, out of capacity, exceeds its environmental limits for electricity or cooling or limited to a specific usage e.g. governement workloads.

Access to a restricted zone can be dealt via support request or via engagement with an Exoscale Cloud Architect. The current restricted zone list is as follow:

Data Center Region Slug
None None -

Latest Update

31 Jan 2024

  • Munich zone is unrestricted.

31 May 2023

  • New data center zone, Vienna-2 (AT-VIE-2) added.

31 March 2023

  • Availability in Munich is set to Restricted.