The Mentor program gives you the opportunity to make a great gift to friends, colleagues, and partners. As a bonus, you gain free credit by promoting Exoscale.

The Big Picture

Two months after your registration you will be assigned a mentor code. You can share your code and the related link to the registration page with the world.

New clients that register using your mentor code will be awarded with a one time double credit. Upon registration, there is a small payment. After this, the second payment a person completes will be matched by us up to an amount of 500 CHF. Example:

  • Person registers with your mentor link and makes the first small payment upon registration.
  • The person decides they like to continue Exoscale and add 150 CHF to their account. Exoscale then doubles the amount of this second payment and the person receives 300 CHF credit to their account instead of the paid for 150 CHF.
  • You as a mentor get 50 CHF for each time a new customer that registers with your mentor code gets the double credit as described in the previous point.

Please note the free credit is not reimbursable neither transferable.

Where can I find my mentor code to share with friends?

Some time after registration you will get your mentor code and a link via email. Your mentor code will pop up in the console, too, under your account tab (Account -> Profile). It is important to share the entire registration link with your friends:

mentor code location

When will I receive my credit as a mentor?

You get your free credit 30 days after your referred friend gets their double credit.

I’m a new customer and a friend gave me a mentor code, what should I do with it?

Use the following link to register (replace YOUR-MENTOR-CODE-HERE with the actual code you received):

It is important to use this link during signup, you will not be able to use your code afterwards. Complete all registration steps and validate your payment method with a first time payment. You will get a confirmation about the code you are using during the registration process.

As a new customer registering with a mentor code, what will I get?

Complete your registration process and validate your payment method with a first time payment. On your first payment after registration (hence your second payment) we will match your payment in free credit up to 500 CHF.