To start using Exoscale’s services, you will need to create an account and at least one Organization. Think about an Organization as an isolated workspace where you can invite people and store your resources.


To register your account, go to our account registration page.

The process will guide you through:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Setup a new Organization
  3. Register your credit card, or add some credits in advance

Once your registration is complete, you will land in our web portal and be able to start operating on the different services composing the platform.

Register as a Company

During the registration process you can choose to identify yourself as a Company.

This will allow you to register your European or Swiss VAT number during the registration process. Additionally, established companies with a proved line of credit can request access to post-paid billing with wire transfer after a manual vetting process.

Free Trial Credit

When registering a new account on Exoscale, you might be entitled to get free credit to try the platform.

In order to get the credit, we demand you to save your credit card during the registration process, by choosing to enter our platform in Post-paid Billing mode.

When saving your credit card, Exoscale will reserve an amount of 20 EUR/CHF (depending on your currency) on it. The card will not be actually charged, the amount is only pre-authorized and will be released by your credit card provider depending on its own rules (usually 30 days or the end of the month).

Upon successful registration, your account will be immediately credited 20 EUR/CHF (depending on your currency), and you can try our services for free.

By saving your credit card, your account will be configured in Post-paid Billing. Would you consume more than the free allowance, your credit card will be charged accordingly. Otherwise, nothing is due on your side, and you can decide at any moment to leave or close your account with no costs.

Exoscale reserves the right to not provide the free credit for multiple registrations, and to expire the offered credit.

Operating on the platform

Once successfully registered, you can start using all Exoscale product and services. You can find detailed documentation about each service on

You will be billed only for what you will actually use, and you can leave the platform at any time.

You can find more information about billing and invoicing here


At any point in time, would you need further support please contact us via support ticket (existing customers only) or contact form.