The backup software HYCU is popular in the enterprise area. Amazon S3-compatible object storages can be used as long-term storage. Exoscale offers such S3-compatible storage which is ideal for HYCU. This blueprint shows how to set up HYCU to use the Exoscale object storage.


As prerequisite for the following documentation, you’ll have to:

Adding an S3 bucket as a backup target

Log in to the HYCU portal:

Now go to Targets and click in the Overview of the targets on Add.


Please enter a name, and optionally also a description.

Select the AWS S3/Compatible type and enter the service endpoint (e.g. and enter the bucket name and login information.

There are additional parameters which can be adjusted, such as the size (quota), compression, or encryption before upload.


Depending on where the bucket has been created, you will have to enter the appropriate service endpoint. That is, taking care of substituting ZONE with the proper zone.


You can find all Zones on our website and with the cli: exo zones list