QNAP NAS systems are some of the most user-friendly storage systems for private people and small to medium businesses.
It comes with a large number of applications and can upload backups to an Amazon S3-compatible storage system, including the Exoscale Object Storage. This blueprint shows how to set up Hybrid Backup Sync 3 to do that.


As prerequisite for the following documentation, you’ll have to:

Installing Hybrid Backup Sync

Please open the App Center and install HBS 3 Hybrid Backup Sync:

Setting up Hybrid Backup Sync

Open the main menu and start Hybrid Backup Sync, and open the Storage Spaces menu. Then select Amazon S3 & S3 Compatible as a storage medium:

Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Insert the storage name
  • Service Provider: Select S3 Compatible
  • Server address: Enter https://sos-ZONE.exo.io, taking care of substituting ZONE with the proper zone.
  • Access Key: Please enter the Key from the Exoscale Portal.
  • Secret Key: Please enter the Secret from the Exoscale Portal.


You can find all Zones on our website and with the cli: exo zones list

Make sure that Use SSL connection remains enabled to ensure that the connection to Exoscale is encrypted (see screenshots below).

Create the backup and select the target “Amazon S3 & S3 compatible”. Select the just-created target.

Select the bucket from the drop-down menu. After that, you can select a dedicated folder for your backups.