The Synology NAS is a very user-friendly storage system for private persons and small to medium businesses.
It comes with a large number of applications and can create backups to an Amazon S3-compatible storage like the Exoscale Object Storage. This guide shows how to set that up with the Hyper Backup application.

This method creates a versioned backup of a Synology NAS to the Exoscale Object Storage.


As prerequisite for the following documentation, you’ll have to:

Install Hyper Backup

Open the Package Center:


Search and install Hyper Backup (produced by Synology Inc.)

Set up Hyper Backup

Open the main menu and start Hyper Backup:


Follow now the description in the following images.

In the figure with the target destination selection, select Custom Server URL and enter in the server field, taking care of substituting ZONE with the proper zone.


You can find all Zones on our website and with the cli: exo zones list

Also insert the API key and secret, as well as the bucket name.