Simple Object Storage’s versioning and lock support lets you protect and archive data in your applications. It prevents data loss and enables you to restore objects that are accidentally deleted or overwritten via the user interface or API.

In progress

Please note that Web portal support for versioning is currently in progress and will be released soon.


By default buckets are un-versioned and versioning needs to be activated. Once activated, it will modify the following behaviors for an object:

  • If an object is deleted, SOS will instead keep the object and add the delete marker. Therefore the object could still be restored.
  • If an object is overwritten, then SOS will create a new version instead to the object keeping the previous one intact. The previous version can be then restored any time referring to its version ID.

Object Lock

Exoscale SOS implements the S3 compatible object lock feature with the Legal hold feature. An object bearing the lock protection cannot be deleted indefinitely until the legal hold has been explicitly removed.

Pricing considerations

Bucket versioning is a free feature and does not trigger additional charges when activated on a bucket whether it is used or not. However there is a cost implied by having multiple versions of an object. For example, if you have 5 versions of an object, each version 1 GB of storage volume, then your charge will be for 5 GB.

Object lock is as well a free feature, with the normal SOS charge applying for the duration the object is stored on Exoscale.