Important Considerations during service Preview

Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Data Safety

  • No SLA Guarantee: Please be aware that during this preview phase, there is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place. This means the service can undergo maintenance or downtime without prior notice.
  • Data Safety: While we have conducted extensive testing to ensure data safety, we don’t intend to meaningfully change the durability guarantees of the system as part of the preview phase. However, it’s important to remember that this is still a preview. Unexpected issues may arise, so we recommend using the block storage preview with recoverable data and/or backing up data to other non-preview storage systems.

Testing Recommendations

  • Production-like Workloads: To gain the most from this preview phase, we encourage you to test with production-like workloads. This approach will provide us with valuable insights into how Block Storage performs under real-world conditions. In particular, we want to encourage the following workloads:
  • Storage that benefits from being dynamically attached: persistent volumes on SKS that can replace Longhorn setups, data disks for applications deployed on stateless instances Storage that outgrows Instance local disk capacity, but doesn’t need the same IOPS profile (see “Limits” below)

Accessing the Block Storage

Exoscale Block Storage is currently open for all customers (for now in ch-gva-2). Further zones will be added to the list when it reaches General Availability.

Interacting with Block Storage via the CLI


Update to the latest Exoscale CLI (minimum version: 1.74.5). For installation, visitExoscale CLI Installation.

Create a Block Storage Volume

exo compute block-storage create volume-test-1 --size 100 --zone ch-gva-2

List Block Storage Volumes

exo compute block-storage list --zone ch-gva-2

Attach a Block Storage Volume to an Instance

exo compute block-storage attach volume-test-1 my-instance --zone ch-gva-2

Detach a Block Storage Volume

exo compute block-storage detach volume-test-1 --zone ch-gva-2

Create a Snapshot

exo compute block-storage snapshot create volume-test-1 --zone ch-gva-2

Create a Volume from a Snapshot

exo compute block-storage create volume-test-from-snapshot --snapshot <snapshot_name>