Our CDN service, built in cooperation with Ducksify, provides a simple way to distribute your assets globally by leveraging the Akamai delivery network to offer world-class performance.

You can use the CDN service to make content that is hosted our S3-compatible Simple Object Storage (or SOS) service available through our CDN endpoint.

Subscribing to the CDN Service

To subscribe to Exoscale CDN, request the service activation on one or more buckets in the SOS interface. Our Support team processes CDN service activation requests during regular business hours.

After your activation is confirmed, your content is typically available through the CDN endpoint after about an hour.

Accessing Content through the CDN Network

After activation, the content will be available on the following endpoint: https://{bucket_name}.sos-{zone}.exoscale-cdn.com.

Zone Endpoint
AT-VIE1 https://bucket_name.sos-at-vie1.exoscale-cdn.com
BG-SOF1 https://bucket_name.sos-bg-sof1.exoscale-cdn.com
CH-GVA2 https://bucket_name.sos-ch-gva2.exoscale-cdn.com
CH-DK2 https://bucket_name.sos-ch-dk2.exoscale-cdn.com
DE-FRA1 https://bucket_name.sos-de-fra1.exoscale-cdn.com
DE-MUC1 https://bucket_name.sos-de-muc1.exoscale-cdn.com


The current service iteration has the following limitations:

  • The source content must be hosted on the Exoscale SOS service.
  • Using a vanity domain for the CDN endpoint is not supported.
  • The CDN cache cannot be explicitly purged - other strategies must be used to manage the cache lifecycle.
  • Buckets with dots in their names cannot be served through the CDN.

Cancelling the Service

The CDN service is only charged based on the volume of traffic sent through the CDN endpoint. An active but unused configuration will not produce any charges if there is no traffic. If you want to completely disable the CDN service, you can open a support ticket with a request to deactivate.