Our integrated DNS service, built in cooperation with DNSimple, provides a simple way to host your Zones.

Subscribing to the service

If you wish to subscribe to Exoscale DNS you only need to select the Zone bundle which suits you best from within our portal. The up-to-date list of plans is available on our pricing page

On the menu to the left, click on the DNS icon. You are presented with a list of Zone bundles, depending on the number of DNS Zones you want to manage. Choose the Zone bundle of your liking. You can upgrade your subscription at any time.

List of zone bundles

Registering domains

Exoscale provides no way to register domains and assumes you already have bought domains from an existing registrar. Once you have configured your Zone - either through our API or interface - you’ll need to adjust the NS servers for your Zone with your registrar.

DNS configuration

You have two ways to configure your Zone:

Subscription upgrade and downgrade

To upgrade or downgrade your DNS subscription, go to your Account. Click on the Funds and Subscriptions sub-menu and choose your new subscription.

DNS Subscription upgrade