At Exoscale each compute instance is provided with a public IP by default. At creation, public IP assignment can be controlled and offers three modes:

  • ipv4: The instance is assigned a Public IPv4 address
  • dual: The instance is assigned a Public IPv4 and a Public IPv6 address
  • none: No public IP attachment is done on the instance, it is a private instance

Assignment can only be promoted from ipv4 to dual, private instances remain without public IP assignments for the duration of their lifetime.

Private instance metadata

Instance metadata is typically served over the address, private instances will instead see an additional read-only drive containing their metadata, compatible with the cloud-init NoCloud configuration source.


The following caveats apply:

  • Windows templates are not able to read metadata from the additional drive, standard Exoscale templates will require setting the password manually from the web portal console after the first boot.
  • Metadata drives remain mounted and may contain credential information (for instance after a password reset request), metadata should thus be acted upon quickly