Plans and Pricing

You can define one or more plans corresponding to various service offerings or service levels on your platform.

Monthly fees

Each plan can have an optional monthly fee.

When a subscriber unsubscribes from your service, the service is cancelled immediately and they are charged with a pro-rated amount dating from their last subscription charge.

Monthly and yearly commitment options will become available in the near future.

Additional charges

It is possible to charge for additional products and services in addition to the optional monthly fee.

All additional billing dimensions must be declared in advance with a defined price for each available plan.

Billing dimensions are specified by:

  • a technical name
  • a unit

Supported units are:

  • h : hours
  • gb : gigabytes
  • gb.h : gigabytes per hour
  • u : arbitrary quantity


Exoscale uses CHF as a base currency.

Prices are then automatically converted to EUR and USD based on a fixed exchanged rate. This exchange rate can change, but it is rare.

The vendor must set the base price for their service in CHF.

Reporting Custom Metering


The frequency of metering reporting is up to the vendor. You can meter as frequently as every hour.

Metering should be reported at least once a month per customer.

Metering call

Metering is reported per client organization with the consumption that has occurred since the last successful report. Multiple charges can be reported at once.

When reporting usage, you send the quantity for each defined variable and the client is charged accordingly.

The metering endpoint looks like this:

POST /orgs/:uuid/usage
Adds usage records. JSON payload:

    "records": [
        {"variable": "something",
         "quantity": 12.5},
        {"variable": "something_else",
         "quantity": 1.2}

:uuid is the technical ID of the client organization in the Exoscale backend, which will be shared during the onboarding process.