Marketplace Concept

The Exoscale marketplace is a portfolio of curated 3rd party vendors enabling our customers to source software and platform as a service in a convenient manner. Vendors on the Exoscale marketplace benefit from the opportunity to reach developers and enterprise customers in Europe with special focus on CEE, the home market of A1 group.

The Marketplace concept covers not only direct sales via our website, but also indirect sales in the A1 group markets leveraging a powerful installed customer base of 400.000 busines customers and 1.500 sales employees. Additionally our cooperation with Lenovo in Germany give us and all marketplace vendors direct access to over 700 business partners in Germany, targeting SMEs as well as enterprise customers.

At Exoscale we believe in trustful relationships and simplicity: Partners are a important component of our strategy and ecosystem. Therefore there is a simple and standardized way of onboarding your products and services on our marketplace ensuring they can be offered in our markets after a short onboarding and implementation phase.

Exoscale Marketplace Products

For software editors or cloud service providers, there are 2 different types of products you can sell via the Exoscale marketplace.


A template on the Exoscale marketplace is your software packaged in a QCOW2 virtual disk image including an operating system and additional software and data. The template can either be provided by the software editor itself or via a template maintainer, who takes over the responsibility for creating, publishing, maintaining and supporting the image. Exoscale Marketplace supports Bring-your-own-license models (BYOL) as well as Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing and metering.

Templates on the Exoscale Marketplace are provided with an individual product page and can be provisioned via the Marketplace, the Exoscale portal and also via API. The infrastructure costs resulting from running those templates will be additionally billed to the End-User .

Managed Services

Managed services are third-party services or products offered to Exoscale end-users via the Exoscale Marketplace.

Managed services are not provisioned by OS images (templates) and do not – in general – run in the end-user infrastructure. A formal provision mechanism providing synchronous and asynchronous provisioning is in place after realizing the end-user’s subscription in the Exoscale marketplace.

Infrastructure costs resulting from running products in the form of a managed service will be billed to the service provider. The service provider can either include these costs in the pricing model of the product or reinvoice the costs to the end-user.

Vendor Program Overview

In general, our onboarding program for marketplace vendors consists of three simple phases:

Contracting Phases

  • (1) Evaluation – to register for becoming a vendor on the Exoscale marketplace simply send an email to outlining your product or services and including your contact details. The Exoscale Marketplace business manager will contact you and guide you through the 3 phases of the onboarding process. The next step in the evaluation phase is checking the technical and commercial fit of your products and services with the Exoscale Marketplace. In a first step an initial call will be organized to give you an overview over the Marketplace and the different product types you will be able to choose from. You will find details on product types and requirements for templates or managed services.

After successfully confirming the technical feasibility and matching billing and metering requirements, you will receive the Exoscale Marketplace Standard Contract.

  • (2) Onboarding and Implementation – in the next step, after successfully signing the Exoscale Marketplace Standard Contract is the technical implementation and the onboarding on the Exoscale marketplace by setting up the product page and implementing the billing model. At the end of the onboarding and implementation phase your product is published on the Exoscale marketplace, available in the Exoscale portal and API (template) or can be successfully purchased via established processes.

  • (3) Growth - after successfully launching your service on the Exoscale Marketplace, it’s time to set the appropriate sales strategy and promote your service. Together with our sales and marketing experts, we define suitable measures with target-oriented implementation. That could be, for example, sales enablement activities, online communication in social media channels, blogposts etc.

Program Benefits

Exoscale marketplace is an attractive channel to market and sell your product or cloud service running on Exoscale. Read the most important arguments below:

  • (1) The brand - we serve a huge number of existing customers through several markets/countries due to the high level of brand awareness of A1 Group and its affiliates.

  • (2) The payment - the entire payment process with the end customer is provided by Exoscale. Pay per invoice or non-paying customers are no longer your problem. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business and put the entire focus on your product.

  • (3) The customer base – we are serving 400.000 business customers in the A1 group in addition to the 10.000 developers and sysadmins who are using Exoscale on a daily basis.

  • (4) The salesforce - we offer you various possibilities to place your products in the best possible way. Which distribution channel is most suitable for your target group? Whether direct or indirect sales channels, over 1500 employees in sales and 700 IT partners in Germany help you to grow your product.