Commercial requirements for PAYG templates


In order to provide the best customer experience and convenience for your product, you will need to provide a master license key that is baked into your template.

Customer feedback shows that individual license key that create additional hurdles in the purchasing process are not well perceived by Exoscale customers. Exoscale will take effective measures to secure your “golden image” from misuse by preventing download of your image through the snaposhot feature.


You need to provide prices or license packages per machine type. You can find an overview of available machine types on Exoscale here: These prices need to be clearly stated on the product page.

Exoscale supports the following billing models:

  • hourly pay-per-use
  • fixed monthly subscriptions
  • one-time charges

Due to the nature of our business and our customer target group, the preferred billing model is hourly billing.


You can provide the possibility of a trial period for your product, in which the usage is not billed to the customer. Preferred trial periods are 7 or 14 days (Availability to be confirmed.)

Commercial requirements for BYOL templates

For BYOL templates there are no further commercial requirements. Delivering the template and the content for creating your product page is sufficient.