Each resource, unless noted otherwise, is billed by the exact time or unit of metering you consume. Your credit status is updated every hour. Most resources are metered on exact consumption usage or up to the minute.

Exoscale supports CHF, EUR or USD currencies.

We accept VISA and Mastercard, Postfinance cards and PayPal.

Initial payment during registration

During registration we ask you to credit your account initially with a one-time payment of 5 €/CHF/USD (excl. VAT). After successful payment, this credit can be immediately used to create your first instance and use our services.

The initial payment can be done via PayPal or Credit Card.

If you are signing-up as an organization or company and do not have access to those payment methods, you can get in touch with our support team for alternative payment options.

Billing Modes

The following billing modes are available: - Pre-paid billing - Post-paid billing with credit card - Post-paid billing with wire transfer

Pre-paid Billing

You add funds to your organization before consuming resources. When your organization balance reaches zero, the organization is suspended. It is your own responsibility to keep sufficient credit in your account to avoid suspension.

Post-paid Billing with Credit Card

You register one ore more credit cards and consume resources freely. Every month we automatically charge your “default” credit card for the amount you have consumed. It is your responsibility to ensure the card has sufficient credit and to control your consumption in order to avoid suspension.

Post-paid Billing with Wire Transfer

Established companies with a proved line of credit can request access to post-paid billing with wire transfer after a manual vetting process. Every month we will issue a formal invoice to your company.

Change Billing Mode

If you are in pre-paid billing mode, you can move to post-paid with credit card mode by simply choosing to register your credit card during your next payment. For post-paid with wire transfer please open a support ticket.

If you are in any post-paid billing mode, you can move to any other mode by contacting our support team.

Credit Cards

Credit card details are safely stored by our payment processing partner: Postfinance. Exoscale does not store Credit Card details.

Currently, changing a registered Credit Card requires a payment.

If you are using the post-paid billing mode with credit card, you have two options:

  1. wait for your next invoice to be emitted: there will be a period of 3 days during which we won’t attempt a payment with your old card. During this period you can pay the invoice with the new card, saving it for future payments by making it the new default, and deleting the old one.

  2. make a manual payment of min. 5 CHF / EUR / USD with your new card, and save it as new payment method during the process.

In any case, once a new card is registered, you can then set it as “default”, then delete the old one.

Products Billing


Exoscale Compute pricing is split between instance pricing and disk pricing. This lets you mix and match CPU, RAM and disk profiles to get the best value out of your money spent.

We don’t charge you for:

  • inbound traffic
  • support for data portability or reversibility
  • web and email support

Billing of powered off machines

Powered off machines will only be charged for resources still in use. Therefore, the volume attached to your instance will still be charged. During trial period, computing resources are charged even when the machines are stopped. This behavior is converted to the default behavior on first payment.

Billing of network usage

The bandwidth is billed hourly and takes the number of machines running during the last one-hour period.

There are 1.42 GB of output bandwidth for free per machine. If a machine doesn’t use its free tier, it is reported on other running machines of the same organization. So, with 5 machines running during the last hour, there are 7.1 GB of free output bandwidth. The exceeding bandwidth is billed.

bandwidth billing

When the credit runs out

When your credit goes below 15 CHF, you receive an email notification. If you don’t add credit and your credit runs out, your machines will be stopped and your account will be suspended. You won’t be able to start your machines until you add credit.

While your account is suspended, negative credit will add up as you are charged for the volume attached to your instance.

If you then choose to add credit, you need to add enough to have a positive account balance in order to be able to start your instance up again.

If you choose to not add credit, all your instances will be removed after several weeks and reminders.


Exoscale Storage pricing is simple:

  • 0.0198 CHF per GB stored
  • 0.0200 CHF per GB of networking out

There is no other charge.

So if you store a 1 GB file it will only cost you 0.0198 CHF. Retrieving the file will cost you 0.0200 CHF.


Exoscale DNS is paid with on of these three subscriptions:

  • Small: 1CHF/month for 1 zone
  • Medium: 5CHF/month for 10 zones
  • Large: 25CHF/month for 50 zones

You are billed at monthly intervals. You can upgrade and downgrade your subscription at any time, and you will be charged pro-rata to your usage.

As an example, if you subscribe to a DNS plan for 10 days and then unsubscribe, you will be charged 10/30th of the price.