Certificates authorities

Several certificates authorities are generated when a cluster is created. You can retrieve the public certificate for some of these authorities by using the exo compute sks authority-cert <CLUSTER-NAME|ID> <AUTHORITY> CLI command.

The authorities are:

  • kubelet: the authority generating certificates for the Kubelet daemon running on the workers.
  • aggregation: the authority used by the aggregation layer.


The Exoscale Cloud Controller Manager (CCM) needs an IAM key to work. This key is automatically created on your account when you create a cluster. Its description is sks-cluster-<cluster-id>. The key will be automatically deleted if the cluster is deleted.

If you want to regenerate this key (for example, you deleted it by mistake and want to recreate it), you can do it using the exo compute sks rotate-ccm-credentials <CLUSTER-NAME|ID> CLI command.